Chemognosis 23

by 巫蓮 (Wu Lian)

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Fruits and one special vitamin start dissociative live session in Thee Field together with Agitation Φ & Astarte 23...

Observing of the work of Mind what creates realities and even believes on the way to watching wonderful visions what are results of our thoughts. Creative process is Mind Alchemy, Sounds – they are in your Mind... Sacred dates for those living in the dimension of time, the circles and spirals to Thee Abyss. 23 – New Moon – ? We start new circle here and now, did we ever stop?

Chemognosis 23 is the first release from us as 巫蓮.
Ritual session sounds open the Portal here.
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released May 27, 2017

Sounds – 巫蓮
Vital fruits: Agitation Φ
Released by – Lotus Temple




巫蓮 (Wu Lian) Czechia

Our selves were burnt into ashes and dust, from ashes and dust, fruits and rice we were born back to fly above the border between Life and Death as there are those who are our Love. Lotus Temple welcomes you! Wu – Witch or Nothing.

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