Tao Rune

by 巫蓮 (Wu Lian)

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Tao Rune is a letter from our life-long re-treat, with keys what lead to the secrets of Divine Nature of this world. We experiment with herbs, Bigu concepts of Tao, we take the journey as way of spiritual growth and maturing. We wish to inspire you to take steps on your own pilgrimages in your own worlds, our writings and sounds may show you how… With best wishes from our Heart and Soul, 巫蓮.

– Where, when?
– We perceive timelessness and spacelessness in this dimension now. We hope that you understand…


released June 13, 2017

Album Art, Field Recordings, FX, Poetry, Synths, MIDI Keyboard, Mix & Mastering, Video Art, Voice – 巫蓮




巫蓮 (Wu Lian) Czechia

Our selves were burnt into ashes and dust, from ashes and dust, fruits and rice we were born back to fly above the border between Life and Death as there are those who are our Love. Lotus Temple welcomes you! Wu – Witch or Nothing.

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